Body Positivity


Design follows curves

It's like experiencing the last beautiful weekend of an otherwise rainy summer. Right now you should rush outside, go to the swimming pool, eat ice cream, jump into the lake and have a barbecue. Soon it will rain, then the chance is missed! But a summer weekend is no fun if you are constantly reminded that your bikini body is still not "top" and the summer will soon be over.

Many people are no longer very interested in spending a lot of time with their dress size. This is also reflected in swimwear. It's all about serenity, a casual attitude, in other words bikini and swimsuits that are ageless. You can wear them at 20 or 50, you can wear them at 36 or 52.

Small sizes are just smarter? Definitely not. LIDEA develops swimwear for women who find themselves beautiful as they are and know how fashion underlines this attitude. Maturity in dealing with one's own body, for us this means Body Positivity.

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