Care Instructions

After the swim

Longevity tips for bikini and swimsuit

LIDEA bikinis and swimsuits are made of high quality elastic fabrics. In order to maintain the elasticity of the swimwear for a long time, the careful removal of residues of chlorine, thermal and sea water as well as perspiration and cosmetics is extremely important. This is the only way to prevent damage to the sensitive fabric.

Wash your swimsuit/bikini briefly by hand (up to 30 degrees) with a mild detergent after each wear.

Fabric softener
Do not use fabric softener or spin.

Please do not spin.

Do not leave your swimwear rolled up wet in a plastic bag for longer than necessary.

If possible, dry your bikini/swimsuit in the shade, not in the sun, in the dryer or on the heater.

Always store your swimwear dry, protected from light and, if possible, on a hanger.

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