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Care Instructions

Here is how you keep your Lidea swimwear beautiful.

Chlorine, sweat and minerals are aggressive enemies of fine elastane fibres. After every use, wash your swimsuit with a gentle detergent and rinse it clean. This treatment maintains the elasticity and wrinkle-free fit of your garment. Or you can machine-wash it every once in a while, delicate cycle – in a lingerie bag. Do not spin-dry underwire models.


It is almost a sin to leave quality swimwear lying around wet and crumpled or worse, in a plastic bag. Elastane models are quick-drying and best air-dried in the shade. Direct sunlight or contact with a heater make the fibres brittle. Do not tumbledry the garment!

Sunscreen as protection from dangerous UV rays is indispensible. Use sunscreen before putting on your swimsuit – and let your skin absorb the lotion for at least 20 minutes (as recommended by cosmetics experts).
If you reapply the sunscreen on the beach, try to avoid direct contact between lotion and swimsuit.
Apart from possible stains, the cosmetics also affect the fibres.

Keeping it in shape
With proper care, elastane models keep their shape very well. But the popular whirlpool and massage jets are poison for your swimsuit. If used for a long time, the high water pressure affects the fibres and colours. They lose memory and resilience, as well as their perfect fit. Rough surfaces, e.g. rocks, can cause friction damage.